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LEGAL SHIELD - Everyone Deserves Legal Protection
Affordable High Powered Legal Protection for you, your family and your business.With a Legal Shield Membership you will have an experienced attorney on your side to guide you, advise and help you, provide you with powerful legal protection with whatever legal issue or questions that you are facing. click here


IDENTITY THEFT SHIELD- Protects Your Family from Identify Theft!
Professional help from Kroll Background America to protect your family from ID theft before it happens. In the unfortunate event something does happen to your identity, you will get your identity restored to what it was before it occurred. Prevent fallout from ID theft that often includes lost job opportunities, issues of getting a loan, issues of unreported income, harassment from debt collectors or even an arrest for crimes that the identity thief committed. click here


MEDxPRIME - Pharmacogenetic Testing AND Better Billing Solutions for Medical Professionals
Pharmacogenetic Testing - Increasing the Safety and Efficacy of Prescription Drug Therapy for the “Right Information, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right from the beginning.”
Includes 'Business Advisors MD' helping our physician clients recover tens of thousands of dollars in uncollectable insurance A/R. click here


FINANCIAL HALO - Multiple streams of income from diversified profit centers
Earn immediate and large commissions with strong residual income. Financial Halo Products and services have practical, emotional value, huge customer potential, includes most people. Create a lifestyle by design, that does well by doing good. click here


A place where you get paid to shop and you can build a business around it. Effortless access to everyday essentials by online ordering while giving profits back to CUSTOMERS and INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATES. Prompt front door delivery or choose (in many cases) to pick up at the store that day. By shopping online for the things you are already buying and having it shipped to your door, you'll save time AND earn rewards! click here


RIGHT RESPONSE - The Healthiest Fundraiser, raising funds with quality, American-built first aid kits your supporters will love!
Making fundraising simple with no money up front, no contracts and no minimums (simply sign up, sell and deliver to earn a 50% profit on every first aid kit sold). Organizations across the country are raising thousands of dollars every day with Right Response. Be a part of America's #1 first aid fundraiser and start earning today! click here


GO SMALL BIZ - Unlimited Business Consultation -- Get Expert Help when you need it!
Online Learning, Business Mentoring, Business Courses, Website Design, AND Unlimited Business Consultation. Business Tools designed to help you succeed in business all for $0.50/day (when obtained through this site!). click here


TRU CONNECT - Get paid to give away FREE cell phones to those in California or Texas. Earn income helping others. click here


I believe that the future of the American dream and our country’s economic well-being are dependent upon the success of entrepreneurial businesses.

Unfortunately, many of today’s entrepreneurs do not have the resources needed to attract the expertise and ongoing support staff that are needed to succeed in today’s business environment.

Whether you are contemplating a new venture, want to protect and expand your present business, or are tired of “running in place” in your established business, I offer you one-stop, 24-hour access to a talented bank of proven experts in all areas of business and law, gleaned from 50 years of my personal, business, and political contacts.

I am making available to you—absolutely FREE OF CHARGE—the Business Health Index Survey, which is a diagnostic tool created by my associates and me to help you better understand how your company or department works, including its strengths and weaknesses, so that you as an owner/manager can be more effective.

If used correctly, it may also uncover hidden opportunities to enhance the “bottom line” of your business.

Click here to start the diagnosis of your four main departments: Sales & Marketing, Management, Finance, and Operations.

In addition, by clicking here, you can get the Supplement to the Business Health Index Survey. It is another FREE tool to help you create and articulate your business goals.

For Specific issues you need my consulting help in, please make your request here: 'George I Need Help In'

The combination of your business skills and entrepreneurial talents, combined with the added business and legal resources that I can provide, will help to protect, grow, and hopefully expand your business.

Working together, we can have an impact on restarting our country’s economy, creating meaningful added employment, and allowing more of our citizens to attain and enjoy the American dream!

I look forward to being of service to you in any and every way possible.


George J. Landau